Day 452 Attention Seeker

Good evening!

This morning, I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed and I saw a debut which happened in the SM MOA arena?!!! It really shocked me and made me curious on how a nobody girl for me get to rent SM MOA arena which is only hosted for concerts or college basketball games. And I search and found this local news article about the debutante Click here. Also it made me opened my eyes that such people exists.

Personally I never had my debut during my 18th birthday  because of two reasons. One is it’s expensive and the other one is I don’t have a lot of male acquaintances or friends because in my highschool which I studied in an all-girl school. I only asked for a Samsung smartphone back then which now I no longer use. My roommate shared with my sentiment because she didn’t had a debut too. Think with me. Debut celebration nowadays are getting extravagant and expensive. It’s seems like a wedding already but nowadays it’s just for an 18-year old girl which has a lot to prove in life yet and a bit immature. When I was 18, looking back I was immature. When I told my other friend about the news I read, he told us that the girl is such an attention seeker. If she is so filthy rich and wants a nice debut, she can have it in the best hotel in the Philippines or even abroad. But no, she have it held in somewhere where concerts and college basketball games are held. Other people for their 18th birthday like Liza Soberano celebrate it with a charity and they are a bit secretive. Pardon me if I liked to compare people but I can’t helped it.

Awhile ago we just had our most awaited health promotion program group presentation in our Family Medicine class. As I told before in my blog, I was the mascot Yosi Kadiri, the official mascot of DOH which I imitated. To make the long story short, I danced a little of hiphop with a placard and fake cigarette hand prop on hand. All my classmates even my professor were amazed when I came in and dance my part of the program. I am happy that I made the people in the classroom smile. And after the entire thingy, (my part was really short), my professor gave my group the comment. And overall he said it was very good. And he gave us a 100 which is the perfect score. (Beside me as the mascot, we had wonderfully edited videos made by my group mate, we had short mini games and a live interview with a real ex smoker because our health promotion program is focused on smoking cessation). So for a short time I was like an attention seeker.

K. Bye!


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