Day 455 Week 2 Of Purple Book Class

Good evening!

This morning since my dad was a bit late, we opt to just go to the 11am Sunday service instead of the usual 9am service. We left AUP quarter to 9am. Me and my dad decided to have my groceries first and we had our brunch in 1028 Kitchen Place restaurant for a change. (I’ll post a separate blog for that.) Then after eating we went to The Monochrome. We weren’t late. And I must say during the worship the first song was “My God” up until the fourth song which was another song of Victory Worship (I forgot), I can’t help but to be teary eyed. It’s as if during the worship, my mind is laid bare before God. I already shared before how emotionless I was when my grandmother died (I just learned that news last Friday only, she died last Thursday). And when during worship it’s as if I wanted to really really cry. Besides my grandmother’s death, other things like my desires for buying stuffs, being inconsistent in prayer daily and the sin of the flesh I committed gravitated me to almost cry. It’s as if Jesus knew which emotions I must show. It’s as if He can make my callous heart into a heart of flesh. But I really tried my best not to really cry. When it came to the part on how God was able to plant an Every Nation church in Vietnam with 40 local people, that made me almost cry.

In the second week out of five weeks of Purple Book Class, we tackled on chapter 4 (about the Holy Spirit), chapter 5 (God’s Word) and chapter 6 (about discipleship and leadership). The campus minister after he lectured on chapter 4 made us pray by partners. He prayed in tongues first. And when he prayed in tongues, my inmost being as if got electrocuted. I don’t know how he can immediately awaken God’s Spirit in me by him praying in tongues. My prayer partner was an older Indonesian lady. She prayed for me about leadership. And she said as if that was the Holy Spirit was telling her to pray. On my part I kind of agree that I need more leadership skills. I prayed for her what I usually pray for myself and that is for her to grow in faith, continue to walk in God, and Holy Spirit to empower her. I didn’t have a revelation to be honest on what I should specifically pray about. But my mindset right now has been to be able to grow in faith. After that there was a short break. And as always they offer snacks (inclusive of the ₽600 registration fee I paid). It was empanada. I’m not sure if it was tuna or chicken filling. At first bite it tasted tuna pie of Jollibee. But it does not look like tuna. If ever it was chicken, to all my readers, the last time I literally ate chicken was last December of 2016. (Grabe if that empanada was really chicken, I will get fat.)

On a side note, I loved how I got a name cardboard print. I took a picture of it and I will treasure it. Overall I learned and gotten refreshed /reminded of what a Christian should be.

©Rina Purple Book Class @ Victory Santa Rosa Nuvali

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