Day 456 1028 Kitchen Place Restaurant Review

Good evening!

Yesterday Sunday, me and my dad had our brunch here at 1028 Kitchen Place, Solenad 2, Nuvali, Santa Rosa,Laguna. When we go to Nuvali, most of the time we eat at Max’s restaurant or sometimes Bon Chon. Sometimes when I passed by 1028 Kitchen Place, I can’t help but think that someday I’ll get the chance to eat here. And yesterday it happened. For me their menu is near Max’s menu because they serve Filipino cuisine and the food has a mix of vegetables (not purely meat or dairy unlike other restaurants in Nuvali). I still do eat meat but in lesser servings. 

The ambiance is great even if the size of the restaurant is small. They serve with mason glasses and the furnitures are mostly wooden. We ordered sinigang na salmon (₽350) and laing (₽175). Their rice is ₽40 per cup. So their food is fairly the same price as Max’s. They serve lemon water as the service water. They have accommodating waiters. When we ate there, it was past 10am so not much people but sometimes the place can be filled with people. What’s likeable about this restaurant is that there’s outdoor tables and a canopy of plants over it and it’s pleasant to eat there when it’s evening (more people come to eat at evening). 

We might eat here more often when my dad is around.

©Rina the centerpiece, the food, the interior design, the menu



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