Day 458 Earthquake Last Night

Good morning!

Last night I didn’t study. All I did was finished my laundry and cook my food. I also edit a bit some files and I watched movie. I was nowhere the half of the movie when I felt an earthquake while being steady on my bed. The earthquake happened around 8:58pm. I immediately texted my dad during the earthquake (while inside my dorm room) and that text was sent at 8:59pm. Prior to the earthquake, it was weird for me to see insects crawling near the wall of my bed as if going to crawl on my bed. I have no idea that it’s about to earthquake. During the earthquake too while being inside my room, I have clothing hanged near my curtain and it moved during the earthquake. After the initial shock, there was a tiny aftershock not as strong as the first wave (after several seconds or minutes I think). I was wearing comfortable clothing and my roommates said we should go down for briefing. So I immediately wear something more decent. During the briefing, a guy just said the rules during earthquake and where is the ideal place to run to. Then he also prayed for our safety too. After that we went upstairs and me and my roommates just kept talking about it. Eventually past 10pm, after an hour or so of the initial shock, there was an after shock which I didn’t felt but dormmates felt. Then eventually I already slept last night not caring much if aftershocks will follow.

Then eventually I learned that the epicenter of the earthquake is in an island of Tingloy,  Batangas. It was magnitude 5.4 and Cavite is in category intensity III. When my roommate showed me the google map of the island and how it is in line with Taal Lake then towards Cavite, I just said no wonder we felt it so strong. My dad also informed me that there is really a fault line near Mindoro island because Batangas and Mindoro are near geographically. And the name of the fault is Lubang.

Overall I didn’t got scared that much. I was just annoyed how bothersome the earthquake was because it interrupted my movie watching on my phone. Also it made me think how prepared am I for emergencies really. And it turns out I’m not because I don’t have stock of emergency water. My important belongings are not gathered in one bag. Those kinds of stuffs. And if an actual and longer earthquake may happen again, I don’t know how I will give people first aid  despite being a Medicine student. There’s like a lot of things I’m still unprepared for.



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