Day 459 Countdown To Comprehensive Moving Up Exam

Good evening!

Roughly 34-ish days remaining before this second semester in Med school will end. And our comprehensive moving up exam which is both written and practical exam is on May 10 and 11. Ugghh. Last night when I was with my classmates at Starbucks Nuvali, my friend told me that she is so worried about the comprehensive exam she’s already thinking of studying 1 system/region for 3 days. Comprehensive exam is the College of Medicine AUP’s way of evaluating if the student can be promoted to second year. And they say it doesn’t affect our final grades but it’s a requirement to go a year higher. I realized it is so heavy load that I need a game plan pronto! The coverage of the comprehensive exam is from first semester until this second semester. And I really thought it is just a written exam. Boy am I wrong! It also has a practical moving exam meaning all the cadaver, anatomy models and charts, histology slides and biochemistry reagents/experiments done may be included. Huhu.

And not only that, before the comprehensive exam there are still a whole things school-related:

  • 2 more block exams
  • 2 more practical moving exams
  • 4 or 5 more quizzes for the major subjects
  • Hospital exposure and written output
  • Religion reflection papers 
  • Autobiography project thingy
  • Etc…

Still many but thank God, I was able to go through more than half of this semester despite many mishaps like my severely ankle sprained right ankle.

I was thinking that my game plan is atleast an hour of studying dedicated for the comprehensive moving up exam but I realized that’s not enough. If I needed to study 100 hours for that, then I need 3 hours of everyday to study. And all I can say is huhu.

On a side note, every time I go out, I think I’m not that pretty because I really don’t fix myself up and my hair is almost always tangled. That’s why it shocked me when the Starbucks barista had a small talk with me besides asking for which coffee I ordered. And at the end he said good luck to me in my Med school. For me I was like trying to play nice but seriously if that is like looking for a prospect partner, he is not my type based on physical appearance. (I’m really a judger. At the back of my head I was thinking he is trying to be friendly to his customers that’s all. And I’m no special.) At the back of my head, people still find me interesting even if I don’t have make up or a really tidy hair. (Also my braces have not been adjusted for like more than half a year now I think. For me yes it’s disgusting and still people don’t totally shun from me. What grace from God.)


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