Day 461 And It Fell…

Good evening!

My day went like this. I did a couple of chores this morning. Did my laundry. Tidy up a bit my room. Open so many files. I read/scan and skim “Brain On Fire”. I typed 1/2 of my chapter 4 religion reflection. 

At around past 10am to past 11am, I accompanied my roommate to the extension cafeteria to buy lunch. We waited for the cafeteria to open. And I just admired the greenery while waiting because my eyes got strained from reading nonsense stuff in my iPhone last night. (I wasn’t really studying.) I brought my takeout box with me to the cafeteria and I bought 1 cup white rice, curry tofu and my favorite chapchae. All of this except the takeout box for ₽70. I realized I will save money if I always bring my takeout box.

Then in the afternoon I was watching Doctor House in my Netflix (cause I don’t want to waste my initial subscription) and during watching it, there were two earthquakes felt. That was past 3pm. I was sitting in the dining table when I felt my chair rocking back and forth. I was steady. I immediately called for my roommate and she felt it too.

Here are the news articles:

Batangas Resort destroyed by earthquake
Twin quakes in Batangas
I seriously don’t know what’s going on underneath Batangas. Good thing the electricity didn’t went off in my dorm but I learned that in Batangas the electricity went off.

Then later evening, I felt hot and took a bath. While prepping up, I accidentally slipped my safeguard soap into the toilet bowl. Poor me. So I went out of the bathroom in a towel and grabbed my gloves. I wore the glove on my right hand and shove my hand into the toilet without hesitation. I got my soap but I was disgusted to even use it again. So I got another soap and took a bath. It wasn’t the first time I fell something into the toilet bowl and retrieved it again. I remember when I was first year college in my dorm near UST, I accidentally fell my toiletries into the toilet bowl while taking a bath because I placed it on top of the flush thingy. And I remember I was really gross out but I mustered up my courage to get it with my bare hands. Eww. But you know what, as you go through in life you get tougher after the fall.


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