Fragility Of Humans

Good morning!

Today marked the day where I realized I didn’t made a daily blog yesterday which means I failed my self-imposed 1000 days blog challenge. This means I will not continue to try making daily blogs for now. But I think I will not continue to stop writing blogs entirely. Yesterday I got really preoccupied with so many things like the weather, what I’m feeling (dysmenorrhea coz I was on my day 3menstruation and  migraine coz of the hot weather yesterday). Also I had TastiHealth vegan buffet and kept on watching 3 episodes of Weightlifter Kim Bok Joo. When I was about to sleep at past 12am today I realized I didn’t write anything about yesterday. What a failure. It really just proves the fragility of the human mind and body. That no matter how I try to be consistent I can’t reach that level of perfection. But I am assured that even if I’m not faithfully consistent, Lord Jesus Christ is still faithful every single day!



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