Night Thoughts

It’s Wednesday and it’s ‘holy week’. Tomorrow I will be going home for the first time since this semester began. It’s been more than 3 months and thank God I made it through.

Sometimes I think that being a born again Christian is attractive. I remember the time when I was in Purple Book Class in Victory Church Santa Rosa Nuvali when we were asked ‘are you righteous?’ It’s like I know the certainty that I am righteous. It’s written in the book of James that a righteous person’s prayer is powerful and effective. And to confidently say I’m righteous because I believe in Lord Jesus makes me think I’m attractive. It’s like in my mind being a Christian can be attractive to catch the attention of a godly man though I know I didn’t find anyone particularly attractive in Victory Santa Rosa Nuvali. 

Awhile ago even though I didn’t started from episode 1 of Weightlifter Fairy Kim Bok Joo, I was giggling and ‘kilig na kilig’ from episodes 10-16 which I watched today. It makes me think how a relationship should grow and I learn to love how Kdramas make good dramas than Filipino dramas because they have a variety of plots unlike in Filipino dramas it’s a bunch of love teams and their mistresses.

Now I’m particularly the only one left in my dorm unit. My two other roommates left me for the Holy Weekend. But nevertheless I can manage myself through.

Somehow I can’t sleep immediately and so I watch Doctor House on Netflix. There is this one episode that initially started with a case of black slaves with illness and it makes me teary eyed how mankinds’ heart can be so callous against fellow humans enslaving them for other people’s selfish profits. And to realize it makes me teary eyed, it’s like I’m slowly adopting like a line from a Hillsong song “break my heart for what breaks Yours”

Okay. Bye! No more 1000 days blog challenge. No guarantee of daily blogs.


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