Resurrection Sunday

Good morning!

Today is the day we celebrate resurrection Sunday for Christians. For some they celebrate Easter and Easter egg hunt.

As a Christian we know that Easter has pagan roots. But just as Pastor Janssen of Victory Santa Rosa said, we should only do 3 things: repent, redeem and reject. You know what repent means if you are a Christian. Redeem in a sense where in we celebrate the occasion but we direct the meanings and symbolism to Jesus Christ. And reject the culture which means we don’t really accept or celebrate it. It’s up to you to decide. But for me it’s important to repent first of all.

The preaching today is the last installment of Beyond the Signs series which showcase Jesus raising up Lazarus from the dead.

Key Scripture focused on John 11.

From today’s preaching, these are the things I learned:

  •  Jesus loved this family (Martha,Mary,Lazarus); John emphasized this relationship twice
  • Jesus delayed going to Lazarus to debunk the Jewish ‘pamahiin’ or superstition which says the spirit of the dead loom over the body for 3 days. Jesus wants to prove that He alone can give life not some kind of superstition so He delayed 4 days. Jesus wants the people who witnessed the miracle to believe in Him and not some superstition.
  • Martha was the first one to confess that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God. It was not Peter who first said it. Because the resurrection of Lazarus happened two weeks before Jesus asked His disciples and Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.
  • Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.
  • Jesus only asks us ‘do we believe in Him’ and Martha answered it right and lived it out not just lip service but life service.
  • Jesus is deeply angry (deep rage ) against death.
  • Jesus openly made conquest/ battle against death by resurrecting Lazarus from the dead
  • Jesus is liken to King David who is the champion/representative for Israel and how Jesus is our victorious Champion by defeating death by His death on the cross

Personally I love how we had Church communion awhile ago because today resurrection Sunday is the perfect time to remember what Jesus did for us. Remember that we conduct Church communion to always commemorate or bring to mind/remember what He did for us through His death and resurrection.

I also want to share how I personally hate death too. I sympathize with Jesus when He became emotionally angry before Lazarus’ tomb.  I think Jesus saw ‘death’. I want to testify here in my blog how I had a dream before. I’m not sure if it was last year or days long ago. In my dream, I wanted to go underground. As if there was stairs downstairs. And before I could ever get down, someone tried to stop me but I paid no heed. Then when I went down, it’s as if I was in a lava chamber because there was legit lava and it was like a huge underground cave. I was like hiding in this certain rock crevice and I saw a huge being. He was like the size of a building and he was on the lava. And he has and holds a big book. And he wears a black robe. Death really looks like a skull man with a black cloak and hood. Good thing that death didn’t saw me in my dream. And a separate instance happened in my dorm bed. I woke up one day and when I looked on my left side immediately from waking up, I saw a humanoid size of death with a red aura. I was so angry when I saw him because I’m a born again Christian and death has no hold on me. And how dare he go near me. You see I don’t know why sleep and waking up immediately from sleep makes me see spiritual things most of the time. It’s weird.

I just want to say I hate death both the spiritual being death and it’s symbolism just as Lord Jesus Christ hated with great anger against death.

K. Bye!

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