Good evening!

I thank God for caring friends. I didn’t know that they had planned something like this for me. Today at lunch break, my friends prepared me their very own DIY-chocolate vegan mousse cake with mango and peach toppings. It was very touching.

They also gave me a happy birthday card (my birthday fell on a Holy Week last week) with greetings from my classmates. It really made me laugh (because there were funny comments) and really made me happy. I really don’t get why would someone put “happy happy happy birthday”. Once or twice ‘happy’ in the greeting is fine. But thrice makes me overthink also it came from my male classmate. I wouldn’t care much if it were a girl because a female classmate also said it thrice in the birthday card. And I am really close to her so that’s fine.

©Rina sneaky birthday surprise and effort from friends/classmates from Medicine. What sweet and dear friends?! Yesterday they were a bit weird and sneaky and I wasn’t sure what they were doing. Now I know haha.

After lunch break, we had histology class. I realized my pimple scars and pimple on my chin is so ugly on the picture. I think I was really spacing out and being ‘maldita’ this day. 

After class I didn’t join my roommates who went to Paseo. I went home to the dorm and cleaned my shoes. I realized cleaning makes one humble. So don’t despised cleaning. Cleaning is a healthy habit to keep one’s heart check if you are truly becoming humble. If you grumble while cleaning maybe you’re not truly humble enough. I also did some other chores. 

Now I’m daydreaming of wanting to go to a cat cafe during end week of May or June when this semester is over. 


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