The Love In Your Eyes

My roommate just played Hillsong’s Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace). And in the song there was this line 🎶I can see the love in Your eyes🎶🎶

It made me curious about the science of looking into someone’s eyes and establishing that eye contact. I found these two articles:

First article
Second article
So far scanning through these articles, I learned that eye contact for 4 minutes can synchronize two brains establishing a connection. Also in the second article, I read about something not being able to gaze into the person’s eyes you like and you can look normally into everyone else’s. I find that true in my case because when I like someone and he is in close proximity. As much as possible I don’t like to establish eye contact. Maybe guys are simplistic. I mean they can really fall in love with someone they can see eye to eye. (And that is my personal opinion.) Also eyes can really tell a lot if a guy likes you. The way they look with their eyes can say a lot. I remember I had a college classmate crush. When I confessed to him (now I will never confess to any guy because I learned that is wrong for a girl to confess to a guy instead the other way around wherein the guy pursues the girl), the way he looks with his eyes were like happy and expecting. When I learned the hard truth that he likes someone else, the way he looks at me seems really cold. Then again guys are really simpletons. You can see it the way they look in their eyes. 

Maybe one of the reasons why I don’t like wearing my glasses most of the time because I don’t want to establish eye contact with someone across the room (I’m near sighted). Maybe staring into the eyes of the one you like/love is a really sweet thing.



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