4th Week Purple Book Class and Forward Series

Good evening!

It’s been a while since I last blog. You see I don’t do daily blogs anymore.

Last Sunday I had went to the 11 am Sunday service in Victory Santa Rosa Nuvali with a new series entitled “Forward”.

So here are the things I learned last Sunday from the service by Pastor Janssen.

  • disciple : ‘pupil’; goal for a disciple is to bear fruit, healthy disciples
  • Follow Christ
  • 1Peter 1:25, 2:2-3
  • Polycarp -one generation after Peter, disciple of John
  • Go forth and preach
  • Persecution happened so disciples can dispersed and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth
  • “How dependent are you on God’s Word?”
  • “How much do you value God’s Word?”
  • (Video clip in socialist country showing an underground Church being given a hard copy Bible for the first time. They were so excited and keep on saying they needed it the most ; smelling and kissing and hugging the Bible; brought tears to my eyes but I controlled it so I won’t cry. It made me felt how other people in Asia in hostile countries need to hide their faith and their desperation for God’s Word to comfort them.)
  • “Have you encountered The Word of God lately?”

In the afternoon of last Sunday I had my last Purple Book Class also in the same Church. It was from 1-4pm. And the topics discussed were about Biblical Prosperity and Generosity, Evangelism and World Missions and Resurrection and Judgment. What touched me the most is about giving the tithes. You give your tithes to the Church who feeds you the Word of God. It’s like you ate at McDonald’s so why will you pay at Wendy’s? Get my point? Also it touched me how many people testify of God’s goodness and concrete faithfulness in their lives. And next week is my graduation for Purple Book Class! I will wear a white with purplish design dress because we were asked to wear something smart casual and white or purple. And we will be having potluck. So honestly I don’t have a car and the transportation from Nuvali Santa Rosa to AUP in Silang, Cavite is tricycle. And I might get home past 5:30pm which is nearing night. My dad fears for my safety. I just hope and pray I will safely go home on Sunday because aside from my Purple Book Class graduation there’s one session of Making Disciples Class.


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