Cheek Tint vs Lip Kind of Girl

Good evening!

Since college days I have been buying unnecessary make ups. From eye shadows to unused air brush make up. It was expensive and I still am no expert with makeup. 

I have come to understand eyeshadows don’t suit me. What suits me best is lipsticks or lip creams. So I fell in love with NYX matte lip creams. But I am not a cheek tint or blush on kind of girl. I am afraid to even put one. Tonight I borrowed my roommate’s cheek and lip tint because I don’t want to buy one (it’s pricey and I’m unsure of how it will look on me). Then I try to apply it diagonally from my temples down my zygomatic bone/cheek bone. My roommate said I looked like a doll. My other roommate said it’s as if someone slapped me on the cheeks. I reconsider wanting to put blush on because I want to look good on the picture of my Purple Book Class graduation. (Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any crush on my Church in Nuvali currently. My current crush is my Medicine classmate.)

K. Bye!


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