Mother’s Day Special: Things I’ll Do When I Become A Mom Someday

Good morning!

Today is Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world!

Yesterday I already see a lot of posts from my Facebook newsfeed saying ‘happy mother’s day’ greetings and it confused me because based on what I know it’s today and google confirms it:

As I mature as an adult, I realize that if I want a boyfriend that also entails making him my future husband and building a family. And that’s God design for humans to multiply through the sanctity of marriage and procreation. Sadly a lot of people liked the procreation part but does not like the idea of committing to marriage. Remember marriage comes first and then procreation. You can never go away with God’s original design cause if you do, you’re up to making a huge mess or stain in your life which on your own strength you can never restore it back to good.

When I become a mom in the context of a godly marriage someday, these are the things I want to try out to my future baby:

  • I’ll try the babinski reflex. I want to see first hand this primitive reflex.
  • I’ll try “The Hold Method” by Dr. Robert Hamilton in pacifying babies.
  • I’ll test the sucking reflex of my future baby by rubbing my finger against ‘her’ cheek. And if she will follow it with her mouth.
  • I’ll try the doll’s eye reflex of my future baby to see this primitive reflex.
  • I’ll try to see the asymmetric tonic neck reflex of my future baby.
  • I’ll try to see the righting reflex of my future baby.
  • I’ll try to see the glabellar reflex which is a primitive reflex on my future baby.
  • I want to feel the gums with no teeth of my future baby bite against my finger.
  • Make my future baby smile reaching to her ears.
  • write birthday letters to my future kid’s birthdays (inspired by Joy T Mendoza from her blog )
  • write a diary of all my baby’s firsts and what ‘she’ did at each age so that when ‘she’  will have a autobiography project (just like what I am struggling with in my Medicine degree) in the future, ‘she’ won’t have a problem asking me questions or ‘her’ future dad (whoever he will be ) 
  • And many other things which I will not disclosed further in this blog. (hehe)

As you can see right now I’m learning a lot of new things as a Medicine student and most of  the things I listed above are primitive reflexes only found in babies. I will anticipate to see all those things when I get to experience to be a real mother someday (in the context of godly marriage always!)