Grades Out, Semester Almost Over

This semester of my 1st year Medicine is finally getting over. What’s left is the comprehensive exam to be promoted to second year, the Research final exam and OSPE.

Since the curriculum used in my Med school is outcome based, it means I get to see my final grades from the different blocks I had for this semester. By God’s grace (despite having that horrible ankle sprain; every Sunday of going to Church doing other stuffs with the next day exams or really long quizzes; and many more struggles in my life), I got B- (or 86) an all the major blocks I had (thorax, heart and lungs, gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive). Last semester I didn’t got all B’s. Though there’s Religion, Family Medicine, Research and Clinical Medicine which are not yet ready for the grades.

Last January I shared how I wanted to end this semester immediately. Now that it’s finally coming to an end soon. (When this week ends.) I want to share this item I really wanted to give myself as a congratulatory gift but I bought it too soon last February instead of this May. It cost me almost ₽4,000. And it made me realized I should have placed it in my ‘car savings’. But it amazes me to realize that these real preserved flowers has been with me in my dorm for like 4 months already. It looks fresh. Sad part is the yellow rose got a stain from the red rose so now I kept them separate. Hope these roses will look fresh and motivating until I became a licensed physician someday.

P.S. I don’t know how the results for the comprehensive exam (everything from first semester to second semester) will be. Knowing I never really followed the study plan I made weeks ago. Hope I get promoted to 2nd year. Bye!

©Rina authentic preserved roses