My Humanity: High’s and Low’s of Studying Medicine

Good evening!

Just a couple of days ago I just took my comprehensive exam to be promoted for second year of Medicine. It was 200 items multiple choice for 2 hours scantron type. It included Anatomy, Histology, Physiology and Biochemistry topics from first semester up to second semester. Since the comprehensive exam was patterned after the board exam, the passing should be 75. For me I kind of lost my humanity while preparing for the comprehensive exam. Hours prior to the exam, I was a bit angry about it and it made feel I’m losing my humanity with so many topics needed to study (for me being human is being able to love God and love others wholeheartedly). The only things I studied were my Anatomy Netter (from head and neck until upper limbs, wasn’t able to read on lower limbs) and the metabolism pathways under Biochemistry. I didn’t studied for Physiology except the fact I just asked my friends about this and that. True enough it came out in the exam. Today I just got the result of my comprehensive exam and I passed. It was around line of  80 something. And I deeply wondered how they computed for the grades of the comprehensive exam. For me I really got a hard time under Biochemistry because I only studied a fraction of it and I did not got the time to study for the enzymes and other stuffs. I also got a hard time under neurophysiology. And it was such a downer for me considering I want to be a Neurologist someday.


So I thank God I will be promoted to second year of Medicine! Yey!

Now I’m trying to prepare for my OSPE tomorrow. It’s the practical demonstration exam for Clinical Medicine. And it brings the humanity in me because even if you are book smart, you will need to inform the patient, ask permission and protect his or her privacy (confidentiality). For me it is just too much. I’m particularly getting nervous in performing for the cardiac physical exam because it is just too technical. I hope I’ll pass this too and I’m off to vacay!

P.S. Sometimes I lost my humanity by the need of reading many things in order to pass exams. But sometimes I need to grasp my humanity back especially if I need to deal with actual (or even a mock) patient.


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