Last Leg Before Summer Vacay

Good morning!

Later I’ll be having my last exam and it’s an OSPE under Clinical Medicine. Hopefully I passed this one so I won’t take anymore a written exam on it.

Almost done with my first year of Medicine and I am decided to truly walk the path of being a physician with all the ups and downs. Contemplating the past almost 10 months in a new school, I gained so many new experiences and friends. I realized that the two male crushes from my class are not worthwhile (one because he’s ‘gay’ and we’re not real friends and the other one is straight but seems taken already though not officially yet. I really don’t like to strive further to someone who seems being close to somebody else whether I know who the other person is or not. I’ve learned from my college heart ache that friendship with a guy is important before that person might ever court you. So I won’t be taking chances on someone who may like somebody else.) 

I learned I will just enjoy being a wallflower. Who knows I may not be destined to get married and have a family (even though I wanted too) because I might die early or some tragedy may happen to me or something. (I’m being too negative but who knows I’m sometimes wrong.)

I learned that it takes to have an attitude of humility to stay in Medicine. Humility to always learn more. And humility to always learn from mistakes. Humility to respect senior doctors. Humility to respect and keep the dignity of a human person and life. And most of all humility to be transformed into the likeness of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace I was able to study and endure first year of Med school. But I know this doesn’t end here. I know God will help me finish my Med schooling, internship, board exam and other things for the rest of my life. I may lost focus sometimes but I hope in the end Jesus will be the Center of everything.



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