Disappointments And A Box of Chocolate Mangoes😋🍫

Good evening!

Today I decided to go out even though it’s Sabbath among the people in AUP. I initially planned to just eat out in Paseo and buy grocery stuffs in preparation for me and my dorm mates’ outing in Nasugbu, Batangas. But sadly my dorm mate need to settle her academics so she can be promoted to second year of Medicine. In short our trip to Nasugbu, Batangas is delayed instead of tomorrow Sunday, it will be Tuesday. So I decided from Paseo, I would go home to Rizal and I passed by SM Megamall and Farmers Mall. 

Prior to going to Paseo, it rained so hard in Cavite and Laguna area. And I knew at that time my dad is on his way to go to AUP (and he is just commuting hence no private car). I needed to do something and all I can do is sing worship songs in my room until my dad texted me he is near AUP. Then even if it’s still raining, I went out. Thank God that as I went out the rain slowly stopped pouring. It’s as if God answered my prayer for the rain to cease especially when I literally stepped out in faith.

I have been stucked up in my dorm for a month since Holy Week (the last time I went home to Rizal). 

At SM Megamall, I really wanted to buy the rouge cream blush of NYX but when I went there I couldn’t find it. Eventually I asked the sales clerk and she said they don’t have stocks. Oh am I so disappointed?! Then next I went to the department store to look for blush on. I found a cheap one. Not exactly what I was expecting but when I tried it on, it was not that bad. But I really want a NYX rouge cream blush someday because it comes with a variety of colors. Next I tried to look for washi tapes in the stationary section of the department store. There was none?! I was amazed they have Tombow pens and a lot of gel and metallic pens. Even pretty notebooks are there. But no washi tapes!!! I was so disappointed. 

Then I saw this dark chocolate with dried mangoes within in SM Megamall department store. I first saw this in Robinson Supermarket but I didn’t bought it cause it’s pricey. Since I’m with my dad, I made him buy this. It’s made in the Philippines and it’s vegan! Guilt free and dairy free!!! Yay!!!

Next stop in SM Megamall is the klopmann fabric I need to remake my short white coat and school uniform blouse. I am shocked that it is ₽85 per yard but sad to say it was out of stock! Last time I bought it from Carolina’s it was ₽65 per yard and it was just last year!!!! Why the increase?! And out of stock?! I’m so disappointed!!!

So I bought klopmann fabric in 3rd floor, Farmers mall, Cubao in VC Trading shop. It’s ₽80 per yard. Seriously why is klopmann pricier than before?! Atleast I get to sew my own uniform! I hope I get even more slimmer than before and maintain this figure.

Also since I went home to Rizal, sadly I won’t get to experience the chance to circumcise young boys in a medical mission in AUP tomorrow because I’m at home. Anyway I won’t be a surgeon because it ain’t for me (my hands gets easily numb too).

To end my day, I want to share how awesome the dark chocolate with dried mangoes are! It is really worth the money plus you get to help the Philippine economy!

©Rina dark chocolates with dried mangoes

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