Eating Raw Bitter Gourd (Ampalaya)

Good afternoon!

When I was a kid and even until college, I disliked the idea of eating ampalaya or bitter gourd because it taste bitter. I later on appreciated to eat or drink bitter foods when I first tasted with delight coffee and that was a latter part of my college until today where I am in Med school.

When I was a starting wanna be vegan last year, I still don’t eat with delight ampalaya. Later on did I appreciated ampalaya thru my nutritionist classmate in Med school who ate ampalaya in a salad way with tomatoes. And later on I became lazy with food preparation that I just sliced up ampalaya in smaller rectangles, removed the seeds and the fleshy white part. And I eat ampalaya RAW! It’s crispy. And I realized it isn’t bitter if eaten raw compared when you cooked ampalaya. Cause when you cook ampalaya, you seep out all the bitter stuff of ampalaya in the soup. Also did you know that ampalaya contains a hefty amount of vitamin C. Not only that since it’s a green vegetable, it has a lot of iron and other good stuffs. Unlike when you cook ampalaya, the vitamin C gets destroyed. Eating ampalaya raw is also a healthy alternative than eating salty potato/ starch-based chips.

©Rina Ampalaya / bitter gourd afternoon snack | eating it raw😋

P.S. I am still not a 100% vegan because when I eat out it isn’t entirely vegan. And sometimes I get influenced by the people who lives with me whether in the dorm or in the house.



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