Tuesday Thoughts 

Good evening!

My dad kind of knew when I told him the situation of my friend who needed to do an additional exam so she can be promoted to second year and because she is the one who invited me along with a few friends to go to Nasugbu, Batangas for a vacation but sadly it did not push through first due to change of dates and second no available car (she will provide the car but since her mom’s gonna use it so there’s no car). 

It’s sad when vacation plans like this don’t push through because of unforeseen circumstances. Now the ₽1,000 from my allowance which I purposively set aside for the Nasugbu trip, I decided to put into my Simply Modular furniture savings because I liked how this furniture is so cute, sturdy and waterproof.

Now I’m staying at home with no plans of going out with my college friends or even with my Medicine friends. They decided that instead of Nasugbu, they will go to Enchanted Kingdom. Honestly I am not a fan of amusement parks and I don’t want to waste my money on it. So I ain’t replying them. (Yeh, I can be cruel to my friends.)

Then I learned that the older sister of my college classmate is now graduating Medicine in my Alma Mater UST. I was like I just finished first year Medicine and her older sister is like done with 4 years of Medicine. It’s just wow. And further contemplating about it, I realized that my former college classmates who immediately went to Med school after our graduation will finish 1 year earlier than me because I took a 1 year break before I enter Med school. But nevertheless I believe God will equip me and enable me to have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude because God is the One who makes a person have the ability to produce wealth (and many other things).

It further stress me out to think that finishing Med school is not the end deal. Being able to work and earn money to pay back my parents and stand on my ground and build a family is overwhelming. But I guess right now I should try to establish healthy habits so I can reach my goals. My mindset now is think of now or short term because that matters how I will be in the long term far fetched future.



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