100 Days of Vegan Food With Rina

Good afternoon!

It’s been a while since I last wrote my blog post. And before I was challenging myself to do a daily blog for 1000 days. It was surprisingly good that I even managed to do it for a year straight. But the struggles I faced through Med school made me distracted that one day I just realized I didn’t write anything for the day before. Since then I have not been writing daily blogs.
Now I am up for a new challenge to eat strictly vegan food for 100 days. I sincerely wanted to be healthy, be a legit doctor to my future patients and help the planet. And I know I can’t do this for 1000 days. So I’m just limiting myself to 100 days because if I can do a daily blog for more than a year then there is no hindering me to achieving at least a 100 days of veganism.

And I want to share this journey through Instagram instead of here in WordPress. If you’re interested about how I keep up with the challenge of 100 days of only vegan food, then be sure to check out my dedicated Instagram account here:Click here