Thoughts On True Love

Often we mistake finding true love by finding a person whom will receive our love or try to reciprocate our feelings. But I realized that true love isn’t found on someone and it’s not just one person. True love is actually the attitude of the person who wants to love and to give love. It’s you! It’s the potential in each and every one of us. It’s not to find true love. But it’s to give true love. True love can be experienced when it’s in your attitude to love a person through words, actions, and thoughts. True love is never about getting anything in return. When you love, you just love heartily. True love then in my definition may sound seem one sided or not two way. But I guess that’s how it is for a person who has no ability to change anybody. And there again all of mankind has no capability to change a person. Only God, only Jesus Christ is capable of changing a person from the inside out. So simply we can just love and not be reciprocated at the same time. Besides God simply said love God and love others even enemies. Human enemies don’t change their attitude overnight. Even if you try to show love, it wouldn’t change them. They will change once they experience God’s love for them.

P.S. Do not find true love. Be the person whom someone can say he/she gives me true love.