New Year’s Resolution Update

Good afternoon!

It’s been 16 days since the New Year’s Eve and a lot of things are building up for this year 2018.

I decided to share a bit of an update on how I’m performing on my resolution list.

First in my list was the singlehood mindset. Honestly I still can’t help but like some Instagram photos of my Kpop crushes but I guess the intensity was not the same level as last year. I think it decreased. And if there are times I’m tempted into thinking “oh I want a love life or a boyfriend”, I talk to myself that “no, you made a promise that 2018 is a year of singlehood and you should enjoy this current season in life”. So far I’m not consistent with the singlehood mindset.

My next resolution in the list is not buying quick meals/snacks/drinks from canteens near my building/classroom. So far I have been consistent with this and it really helped me to conserve my money, prepare my own meals and rethink what I should be eating. So this resolution is for now 100% fulfilled.

The following resolution in my list like 1200 calories for most days in the week and early morning jogs/walks are the things I flunked out. I tried eating 1200 calories for a day on some days and I tried estimating the amount of calories per food item I take. So far there were more days I got overboard in my calories than days I was on mark. As for the early morning jog, it was too cold for me to walk out of my bedroom to walk/jog outisde. There were attempts to walk around the campus on the afternoon and around 7am. I think overall this resolution is a failure.

The last on my resolution list is applying and going to a gym for 1 month membership. This I can’t do yet on my school days but I might be able to do this in the summer vacation.

Hopefully I can still try to do these resolutions even if some of it I wasn’t consistent from day 1.