Review: Bayani Brew iced tea

First off, I am a huge ICED TEA LOVER. I also like coffee, chocolate, milk drinks and other kinds of beverages. I bought this in Ministop for 48 philippine peso or like $1.10. I was kind of excited to see a locally made iced tea made by Filipinos yey! But I think they need to make a lots of improvements.  Since this brand is just a blossoming business, very new in the market, I have so many comments about it. First, their labelling is a plain paper. It is not in par with the commonly used plastic labels that other popular brands are using. I have also read at the back of their label justifying what kind of paper they used and it said ROCK PAPER which said it is water proof and treehugger friendly. (Hmmm really?!) The design of the label is just pretty and unique. 

By the way the flavor is lemongrass and pandan. When I opened the bottle, the aromas I smell are the lemongrass and calamansi extract. Those are the dominant ones. When I actually tasted it, it does not taste very sweet like other iced tea but it has a mild calamansi flavor to it. The after taste is like ginger though there isn’t really any ginger in it (hmmm I wonder why it tastes like that a tinge of a spicy herb).

The ingredients included in here are lemongrass, pandan leaves, raw brown sugar, calamansi extract, vitamin C, and potassium sorbate. 


This drink is like the counterpart for the western orange juice. I just don’t know if everyone can like the mixture of ingredients in this tea but personally calamansi juice mixed with sugar in water tastes really good on its own without any other ingredients added to and calamansi juice is like the counterpart for the western lemonade juice.

Lesson: I really love to see Filipinos make their own business from using native or indigenous materials with a very Filipino touch on the naming of brands. It really shows NATIONALISM and PATRIOTISM. Honestly in the Bible, there are so many accounts of nationalism and love for one’s own nation like the stories of Nehemiah and Daniel and other Babylonian exiled Hebrews, etc.


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